The National Duncan Glass Museum

525 Jefferson Avenue
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

(724) 225-9950
E-Mail museum@linequest.net

The National Duncan Glass Society, Inc.

The Museum

The first phase of the Duncan and Miller Glass Museum history began in 1975 when two rooms in the Washington County Historical Society building, LeMoyne House, became home for the young museum.

Through seventeen years, a harmonious relationship was maintained, mutually beneficial to both organizations. Both groups needed more room and in March 1992 we aquired title to the property at 525 Jefferson Avenue one block from the old factory site at 655 Jefferson Avenue.

It is fitting that the opening on July 8, 1993 of the new museum celebrates one hundred years since the opening of the Jefferson Avenue plant in 1893 in Washington. The museum is a tribute to the employees and their skills and craftsmanship, to the management and its long record of excellent productivity and to the enduring beauty of the glass. It is a valuable asset to the community. ( The museum features an all glass factories of Washington exhibit room ).

Museum Dates and Hours – April 1st to October 31st
11:00pm to 4:00pm

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